Thinking of upgrading?

hi folks,
after a bit of advice, am looking to upgrade to DJI from my first ever drone (Holystone 175 ) and not able to go Mavic Air 3 price tag etc. not keen on another mini size, and write ups on Air2 seem good
would you advise secondhand one of those? any advice welcomed?

What’s your budget @Barry7 ?

When people know how much you have available to spend you’ll soon get some recommendations.

And last question… does it have to be a DJI drone?


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Probably more… try a few searches, your question will no doubt have already been answered :slight_smile:

Friend of mine has just put his hardly used air2 on the market £600.

Nice, they’re still £949 new :+1:t2:

Show off :rofl:

hiya, i’m looking at DJI as most seem to rate them highly. can’t afford to go over £700 really. so need to shop around, that’s why i’m looking for secondhand
cheers. barry

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For £700 my recommendation would be either a new DJI Mini 2 or a used Mavic 2 Pro.

Interested to hear what other people recommend in this price bracket :+1:t2:

Is that set in stone? Can we convince you otherwise?

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Unfortunately my friend sold his literally an hour after I posted it here as you know Barry,

£700 budget could get you

  • air 2
  • air 2s
  • Mavic 2 pro or Zoom

All of which I would highly recommend and have a nice weight behind them.

Have you taken into account where you want to fly?
A2 certified, or just want to hit the country sides.


I’ve got an Air 2 and I find it easy to fly, even in strong, gusty conditions, and it takes brilliant pictures. I can’t see that a more expensive ‘newer’ model would be worth the extra money, unless you are really, really serious.

Mini 2 - gets my vote all day long. Had mine about 10 months now and it does everything I need it to do. Plus the ability to fly anywhere. It really is a fantastic bit of kit.


bitten the bullet, ordered an Air 2 which arrives tomorrow

Yup. I started with the Mavic Air 2, and then got the Mini 2 (I blame lockdown). But since then, I found myself flying the Mini 2 more and more. So much so, the MA2 spent most of it’s time in the bag. For me, the freedom the Mini 2 delivers, far outweighs the advantages of the MA2.

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Could not agree more got mine a week or so ago , the freedom to fly “almost” anywhere ,and the quality of this little marvel ,called the mini 2 ,has really blown me away. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: love mine, only regret is i did not get one when they first came out… :+1: :+1:

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At least you have one now, mate. I was thinking, further to what I had said earlier in the thread, is also the affordability of the mini 2. I really struggled to afford this when I bought it. I went for the basic kit but admittedly have built it up since then. For people like me who things like the Mavic 3 is purely the stuff of dreams you really can’t better the mini 2 (in my opinion) for what you get.


I use the Air2 and find it a great drone. Very stable in winds and very capable.
Let us know how you get on with it.