Two test Panos, Lowestoft

All Saints & St Margaret’s Church. Pakefield

Lake Lothing, Saltside, Lowestoft


Very nice
How did you upload these to this site. What is the process, please?

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Thank you, looks a long process, but I appreciate wanting to maximise quality

If you are happy with the lower resolution JPEG that the Mini 3 Pro creates when using the Sphere on the controller, you can just add that to Kuula.

Thanks, Can the DJI fly app post directly to Kuula?
One uploaded, then post the Kuula http to this site, I guess


Thank you

Pakefield, nice one. Parked in the car park there. Great images.

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Thank you. Just a quick and dirty excerise. It was a bit gusty and all it was for was a quick and dirty test of some ND filters that I bought for £33 off Amazon on the recommendation of a forum user.

They make a difference on an M3P

Filter Mini 3 Pro ND Filter Set Camera Lens Filter Compatible with DJI Mini 3 Pro Accessories Filters Set Pack of 6(CPL ND8 ND16 ND32 ND64 ND128) (Aluminum Version)

Absolute great area to fly. Yes use the filters also.

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It is. I’m lucky enough to live there but I don’t have wheels at the moment so I only get our when I can borrow some. There’s a couple of night hyperlapses i want to do at some point too with the bridge.