Urge to fly faster!


I flashed mine tonight to international version, works fine and D8 protocol available.

Quite fancied one of those whoop style micros for flying around the house but most are D8.

Looks like great fun


Wish I had a basement man cave like that😎


I had a test flight with my new Taranis X lite and XJB145 racing quad, what a difference to the throttle feel after a mechanical tune.
It only took a minute to adjust land fly tune the friction grub screw, now I’ve got it to where it feels locked in and it’s so much easier to maintain altitude. I also shortened the sticks right down to the bottom which has removed my tendency to induce a bit of yaw when I throttle up.

In my opinion Frsky have nailed it with this radio especially if one has been used to play station type controllers, I’m now waiting for a R-XSR RX for full telemetry.


I think I need to do same with QX7S. The throttle feels a little strange and moves in steps, not bad, just not what I’m used to. Will need to look into it.

R-XSR is great. Was shocked at how small it is. It has uninverted s port pads on the newer ones so you don’t need to mess around when using F4 controllers.


All these radios come with a ratchet on the throttle stick, I opened mine to remove it to tension the stick, the down side is if it doesn’t feel right in flight it means opening it again which is a pain.
I’m on an F4 so that’s one pain removed eh! The larger R-XSR has F-Bus which is new to me and sounds great. What’s you opinion on F-Bus? Have you tried it yet?


I saw they have a specific f-bus firmware when downloading the international one, completely different from sbus version.

I’ve not tried it and wouldn’t know where to start. My understanding is it’s a combination of s-port and sbus over one wire.

I’m sure it’s a step in right direction but for now the 2 wire sbus/s-port is not really an inconvenience and works well enough for me.


Flew in rate mode for the first time today, feels much smoother but was still getting away from me.
Ended with too sharp a turn then too much over correction… 1 broke prop, 3 bent ones… I have spares on the way.

Just writing this has made me realise I’ve been through 3 sets of props already :sob::sob::sob:

Oh and I also bought these of an auction site , which I think we’re bargains


New addition. Couldn’t resist.


Yeah, definitely lot of bargains out there, watch ebay regularly.

That’s my problem as well, over correction. I dialled back my rates to around 350 deg/s when I first tried rate mode, tames it down a fair bit.

I looked at that Snapper 7 but couldn’t get one in UK. Brushless so it’s going to seriously shift for a micro. Good buy

I’ve had a lot of crashes but not broke a prop yet, few worn where its been cutting into the ground. The Dalprop ones I’m using are really durable, Just had a load from Bangood arrive this morning.

It’s getting quite addictive this hobby. Hopefully got everything I need and going to try not spend anything for a few months.


“NUTTERS!!! The lot of you!!!”

This is what people with not enough money to join in, say. :wink:

Just spotted this emoji …. :money_with_wings: … that’s you lot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Many many years ago long before…

Today I lost my XJB 145 in the sheep field for ages in the long grass, I thought I knew where she went down and I couldn’t hear the beeps. On my way back to the car to fire up the Mavic for a search and rescue mission I found her in a totally different area to where I thought she was.


That’s my worry, it going down in long grass. The buzzer I put on is not that loud.

#Many many years ago long before…

I should really try and sell some of this stuff on ebay.


You need a remote control released helium cartridge and balloon for long grass. :wink:

Edit: … or coloured smoke flare. :+1:


Postman Pat delivered my R-XSR, all hooked up ready for crashing. The RX has a pad for the inverter to TX6 which was handy.




Amazing little RX. Absolutely tiny. It’s about 1/4 the size of my previous flysky one.

I learned of the uninverted pad too late so have s-port through remapped motor 5 pad and soft serial.


Freestyle flying with lots of ground contact :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I saw that write up on remapping, but luckily I turned the board over and my hope was realised when I saw TX6. I hooked it up more in hope but it didn’t work, then I came across the inverter pad information and that was that. I hooked up Betaflight and set UAT6 to S-Port saved it and the job was done.


Had some time to play with the beta75s and this thing is awsome.

I’m not too good at flying indoors yet but outside it’s a blast. You can really push it without fear of a bad crash.

Setup a little track in my head. Up back garden, under clothes lines, round shed, over trees and back down going up over house, back down into front garden and back round to back. Got it going at a good speed for quite a few laps…

Can definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into flying fpv.


Callum, why do you do this to me? now I want one :see_no_evil: