Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


Keep me posted Steve.


So the Warwickshire air turbulence squad were out in force again today :slight_smile:

Drone swarm over Warickshire

Q: Can anyone tell me why my YouTube videos look like they were shot on a potato cam for the first 75% then go to full HD at the end?! It’s not like that on the original video, and if I watch the vid on the YouTube site I can force full HD from the beginning, but when in Auto (like on these embedded vids on the site) it seems to start at 480p?!


I think it buffers in auto and tells YT what you prefer so it always starts off with low quality then alter to HD1080p or UHD if you upped it in that format
i am on my iMac now an i can only see 1080p but if i go downstairs on the main TV it will show 4K if that is what it was uploaded in
hope this helps Andy


I’ve found that YT in Chrome browser starts in HD from frame 1 (as does my Chromecast) … Edge and IE seem to take a while (about 15 secs) before they switch up.

I’m sure it can’t be anything to do with Google owning YT/Chrome/Chromecast? :wink:


I think the Coventry chapter of GADC may be the most active in the country…(noise of gauntlet being thrown down;))…

PS HNY to all:)


And here we are enjoying all the open sky has to offer.


I think the Coventry chapter of GADC may be the most active in the country…

We might have to make it Warwickshire cheaper, or the Nuneaton, Bedworth and Coventry chapter though. Just cos of where we keep flying lol


Well my editing skills havent improved, colours need sorting but the flight as to test Litchi waypoint mode with the Spark. I think i can call it a success.
I think the next meet may have to be a commitee meeting and any minutes discussed over a beer in the greyhound. :rofl::rofl:

Happy New Year all


Hi all, new member here. I’m struggling to find anywhere local to me to fly. I live in the walsgrave area of Coventry. I’ve mainly been flying my phantom over the sowe common, but I’m starting to get a bit bored of this now.


Hi Neil / @Njs1980 , and welcome to GADC.

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a bit about yourself.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll get an idea if there are other members in your neck of the wood.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown. Obviously things can have changed, and this shouldn’t be taken as a guide to places where it is currently OK to fly, but may be of assistance to you.

Any questions, ask away by posting in the #questions-and-answers section.


Hi Neil,

I live over in Hawkesbury, right by the old golf course and flood lake/old coal mine. This is where myself, Proteus, Clarke and Markb1604 have been flying over the last few weeks.
There’s few obstacles, it’s a huge space, and perfect for autonomous flight programming.
If you are free tomorrow pop up, a few of them might even head over, you never know. Drop me a message.


I’m off to Cannock tomoz, have fun👍


Wasps game today so can’t make it. Going to head out to Daw Mill colliery early to see if it’s worth a flyover. Of course Sparky in the boot just in case.
How about a meet next Sunday. Maybe a pint afterwards


I’m coming to the Wasps game today too! Neighbour offered me a spare ticket.

I’d like to fly out over the gravel pits, NW of nuneaton some time too. Maybe we can arrange that and Daw Mill (if it was good) for next Sun?


Sounds good to me. I’ll send my phone number in a pm after the game.


Im away until end Jan, will catch up then::sunglasses:


If anyone wants my number for local meets and flying i am more than happy to share it. Just drop me a PM. I really enjoyed flying with the guys last week and would love to make it a regular thing.


P.S. do i get a badge for attending a meetup lol??


Hi guys,

New to this forum but have been flying for about 3 years.

I don’t fly photography drones in into fpv but also fly Hawkesbury Golf Course quite often with West Midlands fpv Bashers

I posted some videos to YouTube from my flying last year.

Here’s one of my fave videos from last year

If you guys are happy to I might be able to come to a meet-up at some point when it’s not so blinking cold!


Bloody hell!, I got vertigo just looking at that !


That was my hornet v1 last summer. What was really funny was a few batteries later I was flying power loops over my mates low flying phantom and hit the floor. Blew and esc and motor and nearly started a fire on the golf course.

Disaster was averted with Diet Coke!