Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


Hi Proteous, cant figure out how to PM but I’m based in Coventry and interested in meeting ‘drone friends’ :slight_smile:


Just click on the users avatar and click on message …



Nothing special today more an exploratory meet. Very little footage to edit/play with, wet and windy and plenty of cow shit under foot.


Sorry this came out terrible, need to play with camera settings :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for inviting me along guys! :slight_smile:


OK sooo… this is the worst thing ive ever made but here you go :smiley: haha a few edits from my first week flying a drone.


Ha, I believe I am actually in that video at the beginning!

Do you remember seeing a guy riding an as then, unreleased, little Segway Robot over by the ex driving range carpark. I came up and round the open pon and back round the other side of you lot over by the canal.
I remember the day as you lot were making some pretty impressive noises and shapes in the sky with those UAVs!

Oh, and please don’t set fire to my front garden! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry dude I don’t remember. We do our best to stay away from people who aren’t flying with us. No hitting soft targets n all that


Haha, I definitely prefer to not be target practice! :laughing:
A few of us on here have been flying from the small mound by the treelined pond.

Will give you a shout when we are there again, and it’s a bit warmer :wink:


Yep a little to miserable to do much flying today but here is my drones view of Mark’s video. Enjoy


The Air Turbulance Squad back in action at Daw Mill Colliery today. Trying out the Spark on its longest distance so far, (Still in Andy’s line of sight) waypoint mission with Litchi. Bloody freezing so only the one flight.


We were out again!!


Go on then. Whose is it. Hawkesbury golf course


not guilty, ma lud !.


Wasn’t mine. Wayyyy to big…

If I had know people were out today I would have popped down and flown a few packs.


Sorry mate. Will let you know. Probably next weekend if the weather isn’t too bad.


It’s takes me a few hours to get everything charged. Best bet is maybe throw up a meeting point, time and date the day before


But don’t try to stroke my dog. She’ll have your hand off!




Todays Jaunt, St Peters, Wolfhampcote. And very cold.


You could enter those in Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge!