Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


I have that exact same landing pad for my Mavic :+1:t2:



Here is my vid from yesterday with Markb


That gets you the Ice Flyer Badge on your profile! :+1:


I love this picture, i love the light rays that are shining on us… (I am the ugly so-n-so on the right.)


Any plans for Sunday?


I’m busy Sunday morning. But free in the afternoon currently.


The one who ruined born to be wild…:grin:


He must be Leader of the Pack.


Here is my attempt. All done in tripod mode on the Sparky.


Here’s a little vid chucked together on the DJI app of Saturdays late trip out to Chesterton Windmill with Matt


My mate and I are going to be at hawksbury on Sunday at at about 2pm for some fpv and attempted wing flying


I will try and make that. Taking my lad to rugby training in the morning. Is it ok If I tag along all going well?


Be careful. I flew there not long back. And after pogging back over the gate when I finished, saw the sign saying no drones!


We normally fly from the old car park area never had any bother there but yea your welcome to come see what being upside down and diving at the ground is like :slight_smile:


Cheers. Be great to see some real flying. I’ll knock my slow quad up in hover if you like to take a video of your antics.


Oooo flying targets :wink:


You and the flock of birds that want to circle it.


This sounds like a crash waiting to happen !!.
OOOOOOOh!, i can’t watch ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I can honestly say Iv never hit another quad in mid air…


Thanks for the edit. Fills me with confidence…