Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


you missed a word !..Yet
Seriously, i trust ya !


Iv hit the ground a bunch of times and by bunch I mean more often than I can count. But no I never had a mid air… some very very close calls but never made contact…


Be ok. I’ll just print another frame. Got lots of props too. Knock yourself out.


This threads getting very long. Is there a limit ? Hope not quite good the amount of people that are meeeting up through here


Just went via the old club house area and couldn’t see any no drone signs :slight_smile:


No limit! :+1:


That’s what “the community” (Forum) is all about, meeting, conversing, banter, making friendships, exchanging ideas,etc keep it up guys !


Cool. Someone’s thieved it.


If it ain’t there , then fly !!


I think there are crossed wires here.
The mention of the No DRONES sign by notveryprettyboy was regarding my posting of the vid at Chesterton Windmill.

There are not, and have not been, any No Drone signs where Wyntrblue flying in Hawkesbury (my front garden IS the old golf course) lol


Lucky git!:grin:


Btw cov airport has a web form for informing them of drone flights…
I did this this morning ready for Sunday and got a nice email back from them saying I was good to go…

More airports should make it this easy


Maybe this should be put to the CAA, besides it directly involves them.


Looks fairly simple. Nice.
Hope my new antennas come from banggood tomorrow…

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So the Nuneaton/Coventry crew have been out again folks…

Here is mine.


How come you contacted Cov Airport about your flight? Were you within the ATZ? Or just being polite to see what they said?
Any tips on the detail you informed them about?


My attempts not as good, gotta learn some more about this video editing stuff.


Given they make contacting them so easy and we get such bad press I figured it would be good to let them know where we would be and when. If nothing else it helps show that now all multi rotor pilots are in fact morons with no regard to the rules.

As to what I said…
I told them the gps coords of my flight area and the times and asked them to let me know if it would be a problem for them.


Still managed to have a police chopper fly low straight over us though!