Where exactly are the M2P/M2Z flight logs kept?

I should know this, of course, but are the flight logs only in the app on the phone or are they stored on the aircraft or the controller?

I have bought a replacement Mavic 2 zoom from a well know company, which was claimed to be brand new, box opened but never flown. £100 off list price. Turns out there are some pictures of some random people and a bungalow on the internal storage. So basically it’s used.

I would like to access the flight log but haven’t got the phone or tablet it was flown with. Can I still get the data off?

You will be able to get the onboard flight logs using Assistant 2.


If there are photos there then it’s already been registered with DJI. Live chat would be able to tell you the registration date and amount of warranty left from the serial number.

I’d be sending it back.

Sounds dodgy to me.

Anyone that knows what they’re doing should know how to clean previous usage off if they’re going to palm it off as unused. At least I’d want a load more off for that misrepresentation.

Or return for a refund - you are entitled since it’s not as described - and buy the one for sale on here from someone that’s in your neck of the woods … and you could go and have a look at it … Mavic 2 Zoom + various filters (For Sale - £800)

Thanks Callum
I will send it back, unless they give me a load more discount. I have been speaking to Joe about his, but my wife said I should get a new one!
I ought to follow my own instincts really.


I think that’s the best plan Dave. If they’re lying about that, then I won’t know what else is wrong.


The images will have the dates they were taken in the exif. That way you can prove they were created before you received it.

@ash2020 sorry to hear mate, you’re not having much luck lately :confused:

Would you care to name and shame said company in a new thread? So others are aware to also avoid them?

(Perhaps wait until resolved first, etc)

It’s not uncommon these days.

When the distance selling regulations were introduced it gave the consumer 14 days to reject goods if purchased online. Idea was that as you can’t see and check what your buying like in a shop this gives you extra protection.

The DSR’s were replaced with the consumer contract regulations in 2014 but offers same protection.

Problems for retailers is that someone can purchase an item, have it over a week then ask for a full refund including shipping leaving them with a product they can no longer sell as used.

Pretty much where all the Amazon warehouse deals come from.

They might have taken the customers word that it was only opened to inspect goods but if a drone retailer should really have checked before advertising as unflown.

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I will do, Rich, but to be fair, I’ll see what they say in the morning. If the immediately offer me an extra 200 quid off, then that might make me a bit happier, but I think that’s very unlikely!


Exactly, and as Dave said earlier it’s pretty easy to see what’s on there and clear it if necessary. (I’m glad they didn’t of course)


Hi Callum
I connected it but there are no txt or dat files on it, just the 5 photos from June and July. I guess they must have wiped the log files.

The logs aren’t kept on the controller as well, are they?

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Did you connect and use DJI assistant?

Yep, dji Assistant 2, version 2.08

It connects and then after a few seconds it comes up with “failed to get log list” I’ve tried several times.

I can see the folders and files on the A/C but there are no dat or txt files. I updated the firmware earlier, that wouldn’t be a problem would it?

I can see all the firmware versions.

I’ve got the Exif data from the photos. The pictures were taken in Wakefield in June and July. I even got the exact house because there were wheelie bins in the garden with the house number on. :rofl:


Maybe,give the people a call ?? that would certainly give you a good idea!!!

Assuming it was registered end of June, that’s a fair chunk of DJI warranty you would have lost.

Shouldn’t be a problem.

Flight logs must have been deleted at some point although I’m not sure that’s even possible.

They are encrypted on mavic 2 so you wouldnt get loads of detail like the .txt file on app but would have given you an idea how many flights it had and dates.

It’s a shame you’re not close to them. It would be interesting to pop round and find out why they returned it …. if for a fault it would be interesting to see if the fault still exists.

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I’m sure it’s possible - but not by us punters using Assistant.

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Why the hell do DJI feel the need to encrypt the flight logs? seems a stupid idea,unless they want to get out of supplying replacements,if something goes wrong…:poop:

Interesting thought and the photos could be a way to haggle more money of if you wanted.

Technically the retailer supplying you with another customers photos puts them in breach of the GDPR, especially as they can identify the individual.