Cheap Android tablet recommendations?

I’m looking to eventually ‘jailbreak’ (or whatever it’s called) my Mavic 2 Pro and realise that it will be a lot easier with a dedicated tablet rather than messing about with my iPhone X that I’m using now. Can anyone recommend a cheap tablet that will do the job? Obviously needs to be bright outside and able to handle the DJI app…
Tried an old Nexus 6 with my Mavic Pro 6 months ago and that was awful. Choppy video, half the screen missing occasionally and continual crashing. Are things any better now with newer tablets?

Hi @Homer :wave:t2:

There have been a few topics on this very subject just recently:

Do any of those help?

Did you have a specific tablet in mind that you had your eye on?

Thanks Ping!
I don’t have a clue to be honest as my first outing to Android tablet world was a bit of a car crash!
I’ll just keep researching and asking for advice, I guess - can’t afford anything fancy as I’m still paying off the M2 :grinning:

Nice to know someone else is still paying off lol

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I don’t think you guys are alone either :blush:

/me waves credit card bill in the air
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Fly very careful until it’s paid off and then fly even more carefully because i can’t afford another .


Hi got an ASUS Zenpad 8" for about £140, it does the job OK but really bright sunlight is a bit of a problem. I put a matt screen protector on it which gets rid of reflections which really helps.

Anyone has any experience with a Huawei M3 lite 8 ?
There seems to be a few kicking around but I’ve no idea if they are any good or if the screen is bright enough to be used outside!

@SkyJumper Just revisiting this topic. Which holder you use for the zenpad? My Zenpad 8" keeps catching the on off and volume buttons when in the current holder.



Aha I had the same problem, the one I had had a thin foam covering to grip the tab so I cut a small groove in the foam so that the buttons wouldn’t get pressed. I don’t have that holder anymore, I sold it with my MP. I now have a CrystalSky which has a holder which has a bracket which screws on.

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Thanks for responding, Ill have a go removing the foam, well some of it!

No Problem, I just cut a small groove in the foam a little at a time until it stopped pressing the button.

You’re not on your own . Still paying mine off .
1 more year to go then it’s mine outright . scared fly it after this as i can’t afford another . lol

I was all ready to go for the cheapest Huawei media pad t3 7 (64bit) I could find until someone else here mentioned that they were unsure whether it would be powerful enough. I’m still locked in indecision as to what to do about it. I’m absolutely not going to fork out for some Macintosh tablet so it has to be Android.