Dinas bran

Dinas bran castle llangollen


That will look great if you upload to Kuula and post the link here.

Some notes on that …

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thanks @OzoneVibe zoneVibe will try


@ Robbo61, what did you use to stitch it together? Looks great, where is it?

This was straight from the drone as it is castle dinas bran in llangollen in north east wales

@robbo61 Ok looks really nice, I got a lot of help with these from OzoneVibe. You can copy the 34 shots from the micro SD to your computer and use Microsoft ICE (it’s free) to stitch the panorama, this way you can use the high resolution photos (4-6MB) from the drone rather than the lower reolution copies (100-250KB) that the G04 app uses, so ending up with a better result. You will also have to add a bit of sky at the top as explained by OzoneVibe on this topic My First Attempt at 360 Pano pics - #52 by OzoneVibe. You will need photoshop or something similar.

It’s great to see good panoramas and videos from all around the country, so keep them coming, you have some great landscapes in your part of the world.

Thanks @SkyJumper I have all these but this was just a quick upload as I have not downloaded the images yet