DJI Fly - App updates and download links

There’s very little else on it, kept it when I last upgraded just for the drone. It’s not resources if that’s what you’re thinking. Tried deleting and reinstalling, no better. Will play with the cache next, the O5 has got a boot time wipe cache option.

Might have cracked it. Clearing O5 cache made no difference but zapping the caches in the app seems to have done the trick.

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Currently the latest version 1.2.2 is not on Google Play - but you can download and manually upgrade the app via this page on DJIs website.

The ios version has already been upgraded.

You might need to allow your phone to be able to download and install apks.

Might be useful for anyone who has upgraded their drone, but hasn’t been able to update the app.

(I know the link goes to Mini 2 - but the app is the same for both Air 2 and Mini 2 etc)

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Strange that the Android version of DJI Fly still hadn’t been updated on the Google Play app store?

To the point now where DJI are even mentioning this in their firmware release notes :thinking:

What gives? :man_shrugging:

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I noticed that it was on Huawei’s store on my phone - so must be a reason why Google are not allowing it currently.

So might be coming?

It must be coming, but two weeks have passed so far? :thinking:

I wonder what’s so different in the android version as the ios one has been on the Apple app store since release :man_shrugging:

It certainly is a mystery :thinking:

This happened with Go4 once … and only got updated a few days before both iOS and Android went up yet another version.
Chances are someone just forgot to upload to GooglePlay.


They seemingly forgot to update all their web site pages with all their firmware release notes over Christmas too. And even today the Smart Controller page is still showing the September release notes :grimacing:

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I was unaware that China was SO into Christian themed festivities :laughing: .

Looks like DJI Fly is now up to 1.2.4 for Android only DJI Fly - Download Center - DJI

No info on what it does … surprise surprise :man_shrugging:

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I think they release versions … on the fly.


And the Google play store version is still wayyyy back on 1.2.1

I wonder how many people are missing out because they only ever rely on the App Store (direct) updates?

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Apparently this was a DJI reply for the 1.2.4 release …

For Android Users

  • Supports in-app updates to allow you to download and install the latest version of DJI Fly.
  • Adds Device Management under Profile to allow you to learn more about your DJI devices and check their usage data.
  • Fixes certain issues and improves overall app stability and user experience.

For iOS Users

  • DJI Fly now remembers screen orientation when launching DJI Fly using the same aircraft model with Portrait Orientation Lock enabled.
  • Adds Device Management under Profile to allow you to learn more about your DJI devices and check their usage data.
  • Fixes certain issues and improves overall app stability and user experience.

Now I’m even more confused because IOS still seems to be at 1.2.2 :man_shrugging:

Fudged up yet again :roll_eyes:

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So they’re bypassing the whole Google app store process now?

Didn’t they do this years ago? On iOS? and got absolutely slated for it, because none of their code was reviewed? :thinking:

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That seems to be the case … the Android version doesn’t take you to the Google site any more - it just downloads the .apk.


Yeah they’ve done that for the last couple of versions now.

This is really concerning for all Android users.

Allowing DJI to update their apps on YOUR device whenever the fuck they want to? With ZERO code reviews by Google et al?

Who knows what spyware bullshit they’re going to add back in now :pensive:

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Now I remember why I said I wouldn’t buy another DJI thingy, and after I bought a Mini2 :grimacing:

I downloaded the Fly app off the Google Play Store on Sunday and very soon after I received a notification from the Huawei App store of an update. I’m wondering if the difference between the two App sites is due to geographical and political reasons.

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1.2.4 now out for iOS, The Disney Five has done a test on YouTube, looks pretty damn good!