EASA and the UK!

Government have announced that it will not be participating after the transition period!!!


Just seen this on the BBC red button.

Just when things seemed to be settling down and we had an idea what things might be like for the next two years it’s become a bit of a lottery again.

I’d hate to see some MP with less sense than a yoghurt decide that the American NPRM would be a good idea.



I bet they will look at the system in the USA!!!


Think it’ll change anything in 2021?

I genuinely don’t know :man_shrugging:


This could well cause a problem,when flying your drone overseas! not to mention the PFCO/COCF qualifications!!! :frowning: :frowning: oh and certification of the drones we fly/new drones…

Can somebody mutate a virus so that it only attacks politicians?


I imagine there are people in the CAA tearing their hair out right now. The UAS team will presumably still have to implement a major change to the drone rules in July, and then get asked to concoct something entirely different again next year. Given the numbers who don’t understand or follow the existing rules (e.g. the idiot flying a drone over my house this morning), it’s hardly helpful. Bad enough for amateurs and enthusiasts trying to keep up, but a mega pain-in-the-arse for commercial outfits and aviation professionals who I’d expect would just like a stable field to operate in.

Just when you manage to get your head round it, they move the goal posts.
I suppose we will just have to follow CAP722 as it stands and wait for any updates. Until then, I’m not going to waste too much time speculating.

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I can’t see that we’re going to manage to avoid crashing out at the end of this year now (seems to have been the plan all along), so I think it’ll go one of two ways:

1 - By mid-2021 the economy is in meltdown, the NHS is failing, and the government is still blaming the lack of basic food in the supermarkets on those pesky Europeans. Nobody has the time to do anything so mundane as look at drone regulations, especially since they were ‘fixed’ just a year ago.

2 - All of (1) is still true, but some prick has bounced their Mavic Mini off the windscreen of an Airbus as it touched down at Heathrow. Suddenly ‘Dangerous Drones’ is just the distraction Boris was looking for and we might as well just pack them up and put them in the loft.

No point getting stressed about it… we’ll be too busy fighting each other for the last pack of toilet roll to care whether we can film the food riots from the air.


Wait what? Can somebody explain!

Option 1. Revert back to CAP722 rules and PfCO
Option 2. Continue EASA rules but under CAA rule.
Option 3. Most unlikely, but develop a new set of rules. The management of change for this option would be a headache so I foresee Option 1 being implemented as all the peices are already in place. But for that to happen the CAA shouldn’t accept the new EASA category rules in July.

CAA Brexit microsite below.

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I’m sure Simon, @FPVUK, will update us all in due time as the info is made available.



I totally agree

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The CAA eventually will assume responsibility for new aircraft type certificates and airworthiness approvals. So it looks like option 2

I’d prefer this option.

Glad I didn’t waste my time reading the last thread now.


What thread?

The one you personally posted 123 times on


Oh ok

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When i mentioned this sometime ago about Leaving the EU and would the EASA rules still apply .
I was informed that under no circumstances would it change and we would definitely follow the rules .
Well . I did say .