New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020 - Discussion

So today Matt Williams a leading light within the international aviation community with deep-seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors, @MrMPW is live on his youtube channel at 12 pm discussing the new EASA rules that will come into place as of the 1st of July 2020.

Hope to see you in the Livestream!


I watched the livestream. He presents very well but one jarring note for me was his incessant use of my pet hate phrases “moving forward”. That said he seemed to have a good grasp of what appears to be an unnecessarily complex subject.

It looks as though there are some advantages to doing a PfCO before the July transistion (depending on our adherence to European standards once the dust clears from today’s voting).

Is there a clear guide to these regulations? I have looked on the net but have yet to find a “Drone Regs for Dummies.” for the upcoming EASA legislation (Unless our new government decides to aling us with the FAA for drone control!)


I too would be interested in reading pros and cons about doing a PfCO now as opposed to wait and see what happens.

Pretty sure I don’t have cash to do a PfCO but my head always likes to go through ‘what ifs’ and this is one of mine.

Yes sort of let me dig it out for you (you may have seen it already)

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Where are you based?

South Wales - Bridgend specifically.

OK, I fly in Wales quite a bit myself actually. Right, anyway, if you are interested in getting your PfCO I would highly recommend doing it with Phantom Flight School. If you do decide to go ahead with it let me know I’ll give you a discount code!


As much as I like to be qualified I will not be getting involved in stupidity of eu regs .
What puts me off pfco, to start ! I really don’t want the hassle of tax and vat returns again and as a job you should not have to pay in order to work, that is tantamount to extortion.
Besides this will never get rid of under the radar operators doing the odd favour for a mate cash in hand.


Hmm, it is a bit of a hassle however it is not really that bad.

Trouble is Alex I’ve allways been accused of being non conformist and having my own agenda, so!
They don’t control my mind yet. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I AM NOT a Number :rofl: :rofl:

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Is Bristol or Llandudno closer to you?

Thanks Alex… let’s see how much of my bonus pay is left after Christmas :slight_smile:

As to Welsh flights, we (the wider we) need to organise a Welsh meetup at some stage, but probably best wait for the NY now for something like that. Can’t believe I’ve been a member here for a little over a year and haven’t yet met any of the fine folks hereabouts.

As to locations - Bristol is most definitely closer.



I’m not actually based in Wales I just travel there often

Yeah - that was understood :slight_smile:

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Oh ok, what drone do you have Stuart?

Mavic Air

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Ah it is a good little drone, I had to use a Mavic Air after my dad flew my Phantom 4 backwards into a tree by mistake, however, it was only four days before I was meant to be going on the course