@notveryprettyboy and I are thinking it would be good to have a New Year Meet to blow away the residual alcohol fumes from Christmas and provide another opportunity for a social meet-up, always a good thing :smiley:
In my younger days at Rubery Owen motoring club we used to have a ‘Slithering Santas’ autotest on a skidpan at Boxing Day, fantastic day, soooo much fun

We’ll stick our necks out and say New Year’s Day (that’s the first of January by the way LOL)

So we need a venue. Accepting that travelling for a one day event can be difficult we think it has to be the Cotswolds/Midlands/Derbyshire areas. We are also thinking moors, lakes, rivers, scenic etc. would be a good mix for both the ‘camera ships’ and some FPV fun.

So can you please indicate your interest, availability and suggestions for a venue in some posts below, after seeing the level of interest we’ll move onto organizing the finer details.

Looking forward to it already :smiley: :smiley:

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Interested, if the location is doable… Based in Manchester but can travel a bit…

As to venue’s, no idea, but happy to go with the flow…

if i’m not pissed might be ok see how the weather is.

Gonna have to miss this - dropped on my my new year to work (again) :frowning:

Interested. New year’s day at thr cooling towers was good last time.

Great idea guys! I will have to see nearer the time if I can make it but Im definitely coming as long as the Mrs hasn’t arranged to go to any family gatherings :+1:t2:

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I live in “little Scotland”, New Year’s Day is but a blurry mist, saying no more….:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Jesting aside, if I can, I will…

@Steviegeek I missed the 2022 meeting :wink:

Durrr I’m an idiot… Thanks for the correction Wayne :laughing: :laughing:

I should be ok :ok_hand:

I should be OK for this again, as long as I don’t have to squeeze through the gap at the cooling towers!

I should be good to attend this :+1:t2:

I’ve not seen many suggestions for locations for a ‘New Year Meet’ so thought I’d try to kick it off with this poll
You can vote for a maximum of three and we’ll see which are the most popular
Poll will close on Christmas Eve at 10:00 or earlier depending on how much Southern Comfort has been consumed :tumbler_glass: :laughing:

Information on the sites can be found in the links below

  • Matlock Bando
  • Chesterfield Bando
  • Bennerley Viaduct and Country Park
  • Vicar Water Country Park / Clipstone Colliery
  • Woburn Sands Wood and Bando, Milton Keynes
  • Clee Hill Ruins, Shropshire
  • Ipswitch Bando
  • Brickworks Bando, Halifax
  • Nottingham Bando, Bulwell

0 voters

Matlock Bando

Chesterfield Bando

Bennerley Viaduct and Country Park
(suit cine and FPV drones)

Vicar Water Country Park / Clipstone Colliery
(suit cine and FPV drones)

Woburn Sands Wood and Bando
(suit cine and FPV drones)

Clee Hill Ruins
(suit cine and FPV drones)

Ipswitch Bando

Brickworks Bando, Halifax

nothing south of the M4 in the list !!! Even Milton Keynes, the nearest , is 2.5 hr drive for us southerners

Well, you should have put a suggestion in then, shouldn’t you :man_shrugging:t3:
No point whingeing now :grinning:

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Brutal :laughing:

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Why not earn your very own facilitator badge and organise a meet that is South of the M4? :man_shrugging:t2:

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I drove more than that to get to Brean Sands!

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not been a member very long so still trying to work out how things work. Seems like a very harsh reply, it looks like you had put the list together for the poll. Sorry if my observation annoyed you