Newbie, what to buy

Hi folks, new to droning, have flown a couple of cheap toy drones, looking into buying my first ‘proper’ drone.
I know some of you guys have spent thousands on your setups, but I don’t want to invest too much until I know it’s for me.
I have enough money to buy the basic mavic air, or the spark fly more kit. I’m not going to be using footage for anything other than home use/social media, so not too fussed about 1080p/4k. I’m just concerned that I’m missing out big style if I buy the spark.
If I choose the air, should I stretch to the fly more, or just buy a couple extra batteries when I can afford.
Final point is I’m buying from Currys as I have vouchers for there, so need to get it ordered before black tag deals end.
Any help/advice much appreciated.

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I would def go for the Air, the Spark would be such a come down !.
The Spark is the only one I have not got !.
And, I certainly would opt for the Fly More package, great value, with 2 extra batteries, Case, etc.

You won’t be disappointed at all with the Air. It does everything that it’s larger brother the MP can do, except it has less flight time.
The camera is really superb, it doesn’t have true 3 axis stabilisation, it has 2 axis, the 3rd uses digital stabilisation, and I can vouch that it is superbly stable. You won’t be disappointed in any way with your photos and videos, they are pin sharp and you can see every blade of grass, every leaf.
A few things to note. I believe it’s sold without a controller, it uses signal from your phone or iPad to control it, this limits the range somewhat!!
So order it with the controller, I think it’s part of the fly more combo, but check first.
You will not be disappointed in any way with it and will soon be wanting more batteries and a carry case and spare props, so in that respect, yes the combo is a good idea, especially if you can get it at a good price. I’m sure there will be other members echo what I’ve written in praise of the little fella. My mate uses his on ‘litchi’ missions, just sends it off on preprogrammed waypoint flights and waits for it to come home…he’s braver than me. But it’s never failed and his footage is stunning.

No Brian, the Air does come with a controller similar to the Mavic Pro, it’s the Spark that the controller is optional.

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Hello and welcome Alan @CaptainCrash1971
There are other drones on the market too if you want obstical avoidance the the air connot be beaten

Ok a little secret I am looking at the parrot anafi as an addition to my Mavic pro have a look on you tube quite a good drone and am visiting the drone show in Birmingham and have the all clear to take the credit card …
Wish me luck


Thanks for correcting that, I remember my mate telling me that one of them doesn’t have a controller, so thought it best to ask the OP to check.

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Thanks for reminding me, I’d forgot about the drone show.

A bit more advice if you haven’t already done this.
Watch tons of you tube vids…

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Quite a few deals on them recently and get decent reviews.
Let me know what you think if you get to see one.

I had a look the other week when I went to the commercial drone show in London very quiet and small and I mean VERY quiet
They had the flyability drone on show which I could use with an insurance company I’m in talks with until…they rang me up with the price of £20,000 which I said no thanks too much for me to outlay
Not a problem sir we rent it out at £1499 a week :crazy_face:

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Thought you said you were leaving “the plastic” at home?

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No the wife…


Can’t take it with you, I always say
(as HE looks at who has the MP2 the cheapest!)

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Hi @CaptainCrash1971 and welcome to Grey Arrows mate, glad you could join us :smiley:

Personally, I’d get the Air over the Spark too. And if the budget stretches then yes, definitely opt for the flymore combo too.

See if Quidco have any Currys deals on too mate, every penny counts :+1:t2:

I’ve looked at the anafi, can get one for about £450 with no extras. Wasn’t sure with it not having collision avoidance.
The air is currently £669, or £849 for the fly more package. I’ve only got £600 in vouchers (work salary sacrifice scheme), and can’t really stretch to the £849.
Has anybody flown the anafi yet? On YouTube it doesn’t look as stable as the air.

Just see currys have the anafi extended for £619 including bag and 2 extra batteries.

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Why aren’t you considering the MP1? Not sure what their prices are at the mo but I would’ve thought they’re around £650/700 for the standard package?

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