North West Easter weekend meet up 2023

Hello all you lovely drone flyers. i am proposing a meet up in Blackpool on the morning of good Friday.
Start the bank holiday with sometime in the air.
I’m proposing we meet at the comedy carpet at 06.30 which will give pilots time to get in the air to :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: get sunrise.
Meet at the red spot, the green spot is where i have got away with parking early morning on a couple of occasions but there are tons of car parks.

If FPVers want to join us saddo camera flyers i am sure some would be happy to act as spotters for you as you dive the tower or loop the pier.

Once sun has risen i would then suggest as the prom will start to get busy we take a 15 min drive up to Fleetwood where we could park in the sunken car park (this does have a 6’6" height limit so an alternative may have to be arranged if anyone drive a very tall car)

where we could get shots of the boating lake, anyone got a remote control boat :grin: or some of the other landmarks of Fleetwood, such as teh remains of wyre light which can be seen at low tide, before making our way to a cafe for a spot of brekkie.

If Friday is completely out Sunday or Monday may be an option


Darn it, first localish meet up, and I am away that day to Scotland…

Enjoy, hope you have an awesome day :slight_smile:

As above if the Friday is a no go sun or mon may be an option.

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Top job on organising a NW meet-up Steve :+1:t2:

Won’t you need to meet earlier than that? :thinking:

Any height barriers there that you’re aware of? :thinking:

Ahh i lnow what it says. But for the sun to come to a point at blackpool where the sun makes a nice shot with the tower you are looking at at least 15 min after the posted sunrise time i know i was there this morning from 6.45 and it didn’t get nice ish till after 7.15 :thinking:

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The only issue here is that the tower is 158m high, so you won’t legally be flying over it.
But other than that there are no flight restrictions at the tower.

Cheers Steve will be good to see you again :wink:

I meant any height barriers at the sunken car park :blush:

My bad yes there are. :rofl:

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Walked the beach at Fleetwood this morning. Checked the car park opposite the Mount Hotel on the prom rd. It has a barrier but I have never seen it used. Motor homes £5 overnight. Good little cafe adjacent for bacon sarnies.

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I believe that’s central carpark. Reason i chose the sunken one was the proximity to the boating lakes, but nothing is set in concrete.

Low tide 0715, high tide 1251. Won’t be joining you for a 630am flight, even that time of day on Blackpool promenade on an Easter weekend makes me shudder.

May see you in Fleetwood but yet to be told what plans “we” have made to see the kids & grandkids :rofl:

Will check that one tomorrow and report back :smile:

Checked this morning. The low level car park opposite Dronsfield road has got a barrier set at 6 foot 6 inches.

I think that shouldn’t be a problem unless someone is driving a hightop.
If there is then we will change to an alternative at Fleetwood. But keep it as the sunken carpark for now.
Hope to see you on the day.

I think Rich’s original question was motorhome/campervan generated.

There’s always Freeport for parking which my memory tells me doesn’t have a height barrier.

The point of the sunken one as an original idea was, it was next to the lakes so if someone does have rc boats they could bring them along for some footage ( i may or may not, pinch the one belonging to my lad.


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What! No FPV camera view ? :grinning:
Karl @notveryprettyboy is building an FPV boat :+1:

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