What do you think of this Soyond portable power station for mobile charging

Hi all, I am trying to find the best thing to be charging whilst on the go. Whilst a generator would be great for long times away. However I have found this:

I am unsure how well it will charge and stand up to it. For camping it has lights, got a radio, mp3 player but also charges up on solar. It charges slow though. I would love something to charge faster but stuck with suggestions.

Have you read the reviews?

I wouldn’t risk my house :scream: :scream:

This has been discussed many times, have a look here

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Jesus, look what it did to this blokes gaff :scream: :scream:

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All new to this. I wanted to come to the big meet but at the same time do not want to fly around a bit and then be stuck not being able to fly. I mean it will be great to meet you all but at the same time I want to have fun flying. There are so many things out there… Some people say generators but to be honest with the current climate there are no generators available Options are down to what knowledge I have. My knowledge on field charging is what I have found out in the last few days.

To be honest I actually did not look at the reviews. I normally check things but as someone told me about this I guess I subconsciously assumed it was ok. Not sure what to do with it. It is distributed by amazon so I can quite easily send it back too.

Not when the house is no longer

It wouldn’t charge the drone battery very fast, anyway, the output is way too low

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Yep it is doing the slow count on the lights… Just not sure of best option for charging.

Tell you what… I am going to get a lucky dip in the lottery, I am going to get a farm, will make a drone field. It will have 240v power points for charging, a shower block, somewhere to stop over, car parking, and everything you need. Please wait while my numbers are awaiting the win.

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There will be charging on-site at the big meet :+1:t2:


Don’t forget the diner & drinks.

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Is there? What would be the charge, happy to pay if needed.

If that was for me, how about an all you can eat buffet… Lol

It “is”… you’ve bought it already?

Sounds like a camp site. I’m in :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure there will be a generator on site. pretty sure the entry fee covers the cost :+1:t2:


will confirm.

Yes but it can easily go back as supplied by amazon so it is easy to return… Not sure about it

That sounds great. Would be interesting to see what sort of generator is a good one. If I was to get a generator I would like one powerful enough so I could power audio equipment so I would be able to use it for work too (if ever the chance came to do an outside job).

It would be hard to send back if it’s melted into your foundations, and I doubt they’ll cover insurance costs. Even if it is only one bad review, I really don’t think it is worth the chance to be honest. You have time so sit back, relax and wait for some more replies to come in.
The little powerbank I ended up getting charges the mini2 batteries 3 to 4 times. I’ll try and find the link, but at 18 quid a pop you could buy four, giving you 12 charges. Plus they fit in your back pocket and are light. Someone here posted a lik to a very nice looking powerbank that also outputs 240Volt, i’ll try and find the link for that too.


Bring a ladder for your pockets :joy::joy::joy:

Only joking russ

Problem there is the ladder will fall through the hole in the bottom of my pockets…

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