Which video editing software

Your Mac should play MOV better than MP4 (which it will also have no hassle with), if you are sticking with Mac and using iMovoe and eventually FCPX (there is nothing to touch it on the Mac, video editing wise) then stay with MOV.

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Sorry just rephrase when I said it was better I only tested it on my phone but I’ll stick with mov & try a bit with I movie to which I am familiar with but not

Just googled fcpx yes I’ve heard of Final Cut Pro but never used it so that’s the one to go for “ I take it “ , so I’ll take your advice & go for that one Thankyou for your advice :+1:t2:

Learn iMovie see how you get on, the basics of that will set you up for FCPX (which is available from the usual sources for you to evaluate)

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Thankyou ever so much , I will do that , many thanks.

Hi Chris
Just thought I’d let you know my Mac no longer has I movie on it I deleted it ages ago , the Mac is usually used for music but lots of room still on here , however I’m on Catalina which works well for my music but wants later version for me to install I movie again :person_facepalming:t2: Can’t really update the Mac as the music folder hates the update lol.I know I can’t have the best of both worlds , so I’m wondering what my option would be so I don’t mess up my music but can still edit , tall order I know but I didn’t think I’d have to use a plan B , oh dear and my apologies any thoughts welcome , the Mac in the software updates actually says there is no updates which I find very strange as I no there is later than Catalina hmmm can’t work that out , was going to take the gamble but says no updates , very strange :thinking:
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Hi Kirby.
You should research using a dual boot system on your Mac. I can run Catalina or Monterey on mine.

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Thankyou yes unfortunately I’m not on the up take when it comes to tech .

Would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations for freebie movie editing software for PC or IpadOS for casual use?

Is there a must have app or piece of software?

What do you use?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Moved your post to this thread that (hopefully) has all the information you need. :+1:

Other suggestions may be forthcoming, too.

Enjoy :+1: