Wraps - Anyone able to cut parts for me?

I recently bought a skin for my mavic pro from XtremeSkins, but unlike most skins it does not fully cover the drone. The piece that covers the DJI logo on the back does not have the two tips on it and the bit that goes right under the battery to the rear of the drone was missing the end part that sits above where the rear leg joins the body. There was not a part that wraps around the rear legs. With out these bits the rear of the skin looks incomplete. I have asked them if they could cut the parts for me but have not received a reply. I was wondering if I was able to get a small sheet of the skin from them if anyone was able to cut out the parts I need Thanks in advance

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Happy to do this but sizing could be a problem do you have the Scaled doc’s?

I’ve done this before when I owned the Mavic, See Here I’ve got the template now but not sure if I ran the cut they would fit. Back then obviously I had the drone to test it on.

Hi I do have a pdf file I found and printed it out on paper and cut out the shapes and they were the right size. thanks for your offer of help, I only need the five bits I highlighted I f you think it would work I can ask the company for a a4 size bit to use.
Mavic Pro (1).pdf (48.4 KB)

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I’ll send you a DM

Can any @group-mavic-pro confirm or correct these sizes.

Is this post any use Steve? At the very bottom of the first post are some details (which I don’t understand, but might mean something to you :slight_smile: )

Thanks Rich, I did look through that and completely missed my post These should be to scale if I remember correctly.

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updated sizing:

My ruler, let alone my eyesight, doesn’t go down to 0.01mm resolution. :stuck_out_tongue:

But - not allowing for curvature of the surfaces - using my digital calipers, I make the dimensions as follows …

64.52mm I make 65.72mm
83.73mm I make 83.19mm

The following are ~, because an exact “point” to measure doesn’t exist
62.53mm I make ~58.70mm
74.98mm I make ~75.85mm
43.90mm I make ~45.40mm

Strange that I make some larger, and some smaller. There’s not enough curvature in any of the surfaces to explain this.

PS - That’s before you went and changed things!

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Perfect, Thank you Dave. :+1:

My father in law still has a MP I’ll see if I can get him to pop it over so I can run a test cut.

Somewhere - :thinking: - I have my Wrapgrade wraps, that still haven’t been put on (after about 18 months) that could be measured. They would allow for curvature.

Oh that’s a good shout. Be good to compare :+1:

First of all I need to remember where I put them …

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Quite thin, A4 sized, packages can have been slipped anywhere to make sure they are kept flat.

Thank you all for your wonderful help so far. I have tried my best to measure the part asked for as best I can with what I have and it seems to be correct. I have emailed the company to ask them if they can supply an amount of the vinyl and am waiting for a reply. It all hinges on them now. Many thanks Dave

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What wrap is it? do you have a link?

DJI Mavic Pro Skins and Wraps | Custom Drone Skins | XtremeSkins In Brushed Titanium

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Of course, Wrapgrade wraps DO fully cover the external surfaces … one reason I went for them and suffered the additional cost.

But … it’s obvious the extra bits that enable this mean measurements are probably pointless.

How about a hi-res scan?

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