RTF Competition October 17th to 30th - LIGHTS - Winners announced!

@Challenges_Committee I would be happy with a single entry rule , member can then decide which image they consider has the best chance , daily photo thread can be used for possible submissions and other members opinions and comments …that’s if it makes life easier for the committee…thanks for your efforts Alan

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Well, the fair has reached Belper this evening, so it had to be done.

It’s not currently raining, although it’s a little breezy for the Mini. I was also a little concerned that there might be a bunch of extra interference, so I kept my distance and settled for a panorama.

Seems my gut was right. As I was bringing it in, it decided to go into landing mode about 15m up and in completely open space. The little button in Fly that says’ Tap to cancel landing’ wasn’t doing the trick so I just had to watch it plop down into the grass a couple of metres away. I could have gone and caught it, but it was very dark and I thought I’d keep my finger ends. :grin:

This was actually a lucky escape. I’d done a test flight a little way off, just to check the wind stability before getting closer. I didn’t bother shutting it down when I walked 2 minutes to my chosen photography site to save the faff of waiting for the controller to pair again. Looking at the logs it seems it didn’t update the home point the second time I took off, so I’m lucky it just decided to land and not RTH, or it would have undoubtedly come to grief in some trees. :scream: It seems every flight is still a learning experience.

Sure enough, there are a few ‘weak signal’ warnings and it was only 60m up and 5m away at maximum.

If only I’d known, back in April when I was replacing my first Mini, that the hobby was going to stick. I can see the value of the extra £100 now.

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Fair enough, but as a photographer I was taught that you should be your own judge and be able to critique your own work, to pick your best image. If I had two shots from different locations I’d still decide which one was my best and enter it on it’s own.

In case it counts, I am all for posting one image per comp. As this seems to be the norm, with all other comps.

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One per subject, then if you wanted to enter more it would need to be a different subject


Seeing as the Weather is going to beat me, I will enter my test flight image from the overnight

Taken on the 21/10/21 on the A56 Manchester Road Timperley at 8.45 pm with M2


Do what the the RTF does best and put it to the vote to come to a preferred decision. :+1:

You can’t blame people for doing what’s allowed within the rules. If it’s too much faff for the committee then change it or put it up to the group to decide.

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Looks like you guys are thinking this one through on your own. We don’t want this competition to be saddled with too many rules and regulations.

If you particularly want a one person one image rule fine; alternatively we can amend the current multiple images rule to be each image of a different subject or we can leave things as they stand.

There will be one amendment for the next competition and that is for videos - we need you to supply a screengrab with it in your post, minimum width 720px. No screengrab means that we will nmake one of our own, it may not be the shot you would have chosen to show your video at its best :slight_smile:

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I quite like the idea of still allowing multiple entries. I don’t particularly want to see numerous images of the same same subject from slightly different angles but I do love seeing images from others in these challenges, and different ways of interpreting the theme, and it would be a shame to not see those if they weren’t shared on here due to a one entry rule. IMO it’s not a serious competition with the need for too many rules as long it doesn’t overload our overworked and talented admins.

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Featured Pedestrian Bridge leading to Northampton University Campus.
Taken last night at 24:00
with DJI M2

I was waiting for the moon to come up but could not wait another hour for it :slightly_frowning_face:


Be aware: The competition closes tonight at 23:00

And the poll for tomorrow’s competition subject closes at 22:00 when we find out whether it’s to be CITYSCAPE, ART for ART’s SAKE or STRAIGHT LINES. Only 26 voters so far!

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Competition Closed - time to vote for the winner!

You may vote for all, none, one or some of the images. Click on a thumbnail to be taken to the original image or video if you want to look more closely. The poll ends at 23:00 on Monday, November !st.

  • 1AD4C3ED-0737-4E2E-9B41-C38094F26613

  • 20211025_083136

  • DJI_0010

  • DJI_0023 (2)

  • DJI_0102

  • DJI_0139

  • DJI_0183

  • DJI_0356(1)

  • DJI_0382-HDR

  • DJI_0511

  • DJI_0525a

  • DJI_0556_stitch

  • DJI_0713.2

  • DJI_0826

  • DJI_0835

  • DJI_0954-HDR

  • DJI_0969-HDR

  • DJI_0981-HDR

  • Dru_JCP_kights01

  • firefox_jw8gyyvU6d

  • Photo_6553833_DJI_233_jpg_5834591_0_20211017184456_photo_original__01

  • firefox_K9AVx69kNi

  • Photo_6554563_DJI_963_jpg_3419854_0_20211024205730_photo_original-01

  • vlcsnap-00078

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And don’t miss the next in the series - CITYSCAPE - running from 31st October to November 13th


Congratulations to Chris @clinkadink for first place with a shot of Swindon’s notorious Magic Roundabout.

A shout-out to Andy @gimbalflight for a cracking, feature filled 360 of Basingstoke Leisure Park which took second place

And congratulations and commiserations to @kvetner who was narrowly beaten into third place with a great shot of Manchester City Centre (much changed since this mod was an art student there in the early seventies!)

And thanks to everyone who entered for producing such a great set of images!


Love that roundabout @clinkadink, a bit of a DJ’s turntable feel to it!

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Congratulations @clinkadink. Loved the picture and the colours.

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Thank you! Wow … I’ve won :grin: Well done to @gimbalflight and @kvetner too, great edits, personally thought they were better than mine. And also, congrats to everyone else who entered, and obviously @Challenges_Committee for sorting all this out :clap::+1:


All great images and well deserved @clinkadink for taking the top spot :clap::clap::clap:

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Nice work, everyone. :clap:


And thanks to the @Challenges_Committee


Missed out on this competition?The next one is up and running - click here to view or enter CITYSCAPE

Two seconds in a week = very happy @gimbalflight. Thanks for voting me to that spot everyone and I would have voted for @clinkadink myself as I love that photo. The composition and colours are superb. I missed the vote as had a busy few days.

That was a strong round too. Lots of great entries.

Thanks again everyone.


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